Drilling and Completion Services

Triumph Drilling offers a broad range of drilling and well completion services, which can be contracted individually or bundled into a turn-key project. In addition, we can perform work under a Master Service agreement for larger projects or extended service contracts. At Triumph Drilling, we will utilize our experience and expertise to scale our services to match our specific customer’s requirements, ensuring a safe and cost-effective solution.

Services include:


Triumph’s mobile drill rig is a Chicago Pneumatic (CP700) equipped with a Henderson Hydraulic Top Drive unit. This strong and versatile drilling rig, along with slick drill pipe and experienced operators, enable a very clean gauged and true hole, when compared to traditional rotary drill rigs. Coupled with the mobility and tooling of this unit, the result is a very efficient and cost-effective drilling operation while creating a wellbore which will enable optimum well completion and producibility. Current drilling capabilities are up to 2,400-foot depth. Drilling services can be contracted at per foot rates, at rig hourly rates, or a turn-key well price, based on your well and environmental needs.

Triumph Drilling Advantages

Top Drive Drilling Unit and Slick Drill Pipe – faster drilling for cleaner and consistent wellbores, resulting in operational cost savings and improved producibility.

Completion Services 

As a complement to our Drilling expertise, follow-up well completion services and sub-contractor management can reduce your service provider transition and well start-up time and cost. These services can be contracted in your turn-key project or called off as required.

These coordinated services include:

  • Logging
  • Cementing
  • Casing and Downhole Equipment Installation
  • Perforating, Swabbing and Well Testing
  • Downhole pump installation
  • Pumping Unit/Injection installation and hook-up

Drill Site Location Prep / Dirt Service 

Triumph Drilling has a wide range of project experience in well site construction services. We own and operate a fleet of dirt equipment capable of prepping or constructing all types of well site needs. Our experienced personnel and our network of contacts, enable us to maximize your well site plans while meeting environmental regulations and landowner requirements.

Primary services include:

  • Site Access and Well Site ground preparation
  • Fluids Pit Construction
  • Right-of Way Clearing
  • Consulting and Supervision

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